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Day 5
Lori ran early this morning. The sky started getting light and the birds started singing a little after 4:30am. I did not sleep much after that. The sun rises in Maine an hour earlier than it does in Michigan.

We had breakfast and then took Adam to the tot area. This is one of the really nice things about Camp Sunshine. There are age groups for the children. Each group has dedicated volunteers who watch the children and take them on lots of fun adventures during the day.
Beth was another great volunteer in Adam's group.

Once we got Adam in his group Lori and I went back for the adult Super Duper Blooper Games. I usually dread these kinds of things, but this ended up being lots of fun! The activity leader split us into 5 teams with 12 or 13 on a team. Spouses could not be on the same team. The first job was to come up with a team name and cheer. Ours was The Freeloaders. Our cheer was:

    Free time, free time,
    Oh we're glad were here.
    Free time, free time,
    Join us, bring the beer.

We were the first group to volunteer to go up on the stage to do the cheer. After all the cheers were done we went outside on the beach. The first game was to form a circle with all the team holding hands. A hoola hoop had to be passed all the way around the circle by passing our bodies through it without letting go of each other's hands. We won.

The next game was hitting a softball on the sand using another softball suspended in panty hose tied around your waist. The ball had to be hit about 50 feet in one direction, then back by the next team member until everyone had a chance. We won again.

The third and final game of the morning was The Bucket Brigade. We formed a line with one member standing in the water of Lake Sebago and the last member at a bucket up the beach. We had to pass two small plastic cups between our legs facing backwards until the big bucket at the end of the line was full. We filled our bucket first and won again.

Our meeting, dining, and evening activities took place in this building.
The Super Duper Blooper Games were on this beach.
It was a great location.

It was 11:00 now and we picked up Adam at the tot area and went back to the trailer for a while. Lunch was at noon. We had tuna, ham, and turkey sub sandwiches. There was also pizza, cole slaw, and different desserts.

After lunch we all went on the family cruise on the Sebago Lake Princess. The Princess is a large pontoon boat. It has two levels and can hold about 100 people. The cruise took an hour. The captain told us Lake Sebago is very deep, over 300 feet in some places. There are many islands that are privately owned. Some have only one house on them. Others have 6-8. The biggest island has 400 houses, with a post office and general store. But no one lives on any of the islands in the winter. Adam enjoyed the cruise. The weather was great.
The Sebago Lake Princess.

Adam went back to the tot area and Lori and I went to the Parents Group Discussion session in the gazebo. The counselor was looking for discussion topics for the rest of the week and it was an interesting meeting for almost two hours.

We picked up Adam and went back to the trailer to give him a bath. He had to sit on Lori's lap because all we had was a shower stall. We had been taping a small trash bag around his legs to keep the cast dry during a shower. Some water leaked through the tape on his leg and the cast got moderately wet. It was very soft in the heal. We talked with the camp doctor after dinner to see if we needed to do anything about the wetness. He thought it would be OK for three more days, when it was scheduled to come off.

The weather today was in the nineties and it was very humid. After dinner we went to Wal-Mart to buy a fan for the trailer. We got back in time for the masquerade party. Adam picked out a dragon costume and was really looking forward to the party. He had a great time. One of the volunteers, Jenny, played with him a lot during the party. She found a beach ball and played catch and hot potato with Adam for a long time. He really liked her.
Adam the dragon.

Adam with a new friend, Jenny.

We got back to the trailer around 9pm. I put the fan in the window while Lori got Adam ready for bed. It was very hot and humid still, unusually so for Maine at this time of year. The fan helped a little.

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