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Day 10
Woke up at 5:15 and could not get back to sleep. So I got up and went running. It was about 2-3/4 miles around Mirror Lake. The run was very pretty and I went around the lake twice. Ran for 43 minutes. Lori ran after I did. She went twice around Mirror Lake also.

After we packed we drove to the boat tour of Lake Placid. We got there 5 minutes before the 10:30 boat was to leave. After a brief discussion about whether or not to go on the tour, we decided to go. It was a great tour. I am really glad we went. The lake was very beautiful. The tour guide was very good also. Adam gave her a dollar tip when we got off the boat.
Whiteface Mountain from the Lake Placid Boat Tour.

Then we got back in the car and headed for Watertown. Our plan was to get on the freeway at Watertown and take it south to the turnpike. With good progress we hoped to get to Buffalo. As we approached Watertown we drove through the Fort Drum training area. There were some humvees, trucks, artillery, and helicopters out on exercises near the road as we passed. Adam got a kick out of seeing them.

We made it to Buffalo by about 7pm. The exit we got off at had a Hampton Inn and Mariott. The Hampton was full except for two smoking rooms. I checked out both rooms and they reeked of smoke. So we went to the Mariott. It was $40 a night more but had a great pool. We checked in then went out to eat at Pizzeria Uno. It was a very good pizza. I wish they were around our area. Then we went back to the hotel and took Adam swimming. The pool was very warm. Adam really enjoyed it. Unfortunately he seemed to be developing a cold. He was sniffling and sneezing.

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