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Camp Quality Photo Album: page 2
After all the kids built their cars, of course there had to be a parade!
Everyone lines up for the cardboard car parade.
Adam and Bob join the parade.
A lot of work went into "The Bondmobile".
Nice job on this humvee!
The Classic Car Club members were outside voting on Best Cardboard Cars while the kids watched a movie.
Everyone got a trophy for their car. Adam proudly displays his trophy.
Camp Quality has a great climbing area.
A climber comes down from the tower.
Another view of the tower.
While eating lunch in Petoskey we ran into another couple with a child at Camp Quality. John and Kim with Lori.
Bob and Adam get ready for the last dance of the week.
Meanwhile Lori and I go back to Sunset Park for one last sunset.
The next morning we went to pick up Adam. A fog bank was rolling in off Walloon Lake as we arrived in camp.
We made a slight detour to the Mackinac Bridge before heading for home. It is one of Adam's favorite places to visit.

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