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Adam continued to gain strength. He can now raise his arms straight up over his head. This is quite an accomplishment for someone who could not lift his elbows off a table three months ago. He was even starting to propel his wheelchair himself when on a hard floor.

On November 7 Adam was presented a Young Heros Medal of Honor in a military ceremony at Selfridge Air National Guard Base with five other kids. He was nominated for this by nurse Betty in the oncologist's office. It is an award given from time to time for children who "distinguish themselves with outstanding courage in their battle to overcome a life threatening illness". The award also states that "during this difficult period they have shown great strength, courage, and love for life in heroic proportions". Thank you to Brian, Mrs. Cirillo and Jessie, Marge and Tyler, Uncle John, Grandma, and Grandpa for attending. It meant a lot to Adam to have some of his favorite people there.

Every other week Adam has blood drawn at the lab for a complete blood count or CBC. There are certain ranges the oncologists want Adam to be in within the different tests. I have read lots of other people's experiences with blood counts going dramatically up and down. When things get too far out of line chemotherapy has to be modified or stopped temporarily. This is somewhat expected. Adam has always had good counts. It seems as if he has always responded exactly as he should to the chemotherapy. We can only hope this is a good sign for his long-term outlook.

On November 24 Adam was invited by Chief Ahonen to visit Fire Station #2 and throw the switch that would turn on the Christmas lights. Wow! What a neat surprise. Adam was again thrilled with the graciousness of Chief Ahonen and the Macomb Township Fire Department. We arrived at the Fire Station just before dark. There was a small fire truck in the station that had just been repaired. It was a go-kart frame with a fire truck shell on it. They use it in parades. Adam loved sitting in it and being pushed around the Fire Station by his buddy Brian. Brian works with me at Dayco and is a great guy that Adam loves. Thanks for coming that day, Brian. The fire truck had lights and a siren that Adam could turn on too. His picture was taken by a newspaper photographer and once again he was on the cover of some of the local newspapers. Then we went outside and had a countdown. Adam threw the switch and all the lights came on. He sure enjoyed it.

Every time we drive buy the Fire Station we make sure the lights are on. They always are, day and night. I don't think Captain Ken has turned them off since. Lori started talking with Captain Ken's daughter, Annie. She is in the last year of nursing school. Annie thought Adam was so cute. She said she would like to baby sit anytime. Fate had intervened. We had been looking for someone like this for a long time. She is sweet and Adam really likes her. The baby sitting allows us to get more hours in at work.

Adam was in a Thanksgiving presentation at school. Lori and I both attended. The children gave a nice performance. Then everyone had a turkey dinner. The next day we went to grandma's house and had turkey again!

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