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Lori's Cousin Clare visited us for a day early in January. She lives in Alberta, BC, and was on the way home from a conference. Adam had a great time with Clare.

By the middle of January we had more snow on the ground than I have ever seen in Southeast Michigan. There is a good two feet or more everywhere. Keeping the driveway clear is a real challenge.

Adam was talking about when he gets better and when he can walk again. I don't know what to tell him. Maybe he will walk again in a few years and we should keep the dream alive. I can't bring myself to tell him he will probably not walk again for a long time, if ever. In fact I do just the opposite. I keep telling him we need to do his exercises every day to get his legs stronger so he can walk again. What should I do?

Adam's wish trip to Disney World took place near the end of January. He had a great time. So did Lori and I. The Rainbow Connection of Michigan arranged everything for us. We stayed at Give Kids The World Village in Kissimmee Florida for six days and five nights.

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