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Day 5
After breakfast in the Gingerbread House we went back to Magic Kingdom. We arrived a little after 10:00 and stayed until 6:00. The weather was perfect. Low 70's and clear blue skies. A front went through during the night with thunderstorms.
This train drives around the village each morning.
Anyone who wants a ride can hop on!

The Seven Dwarves were signing autographs on Main Street as we came in. One of the guides helped Adam get all their autographs. Then he took us to an alley next to the fire station so Adam could be in a parade with the Seven Dwarves at 11:00. Adam went down Main Street with Dopey holding his hand in the parade. Then the guide took us to a spot near the Magic Castle where we could meet Snow White. She came and signed Adam's autograph book then gave him a kiss on the forehead. He had the lipstick on all day.
Adam with his map, deciding where to go next.

Notice the lipstick on Adam's forehead from Snow White.

Then we did all Adam's favorite rides plus some new ones. We all went on the Teacup first. Next Adam wanted to go on the Race Car Ride. They let us go around three times in a row. Lori talked with the guide the whole time and said he was a nice person. Then we met Ariel the Mermaid and got another autograph. We did the Buzz Lightyear Headquarters ride again. After that we went on the Carousel of Progress. Adam got a little scared when the lights went out as part of the 1920's segment.
Adam with Ariel.

We found Jacob and his mom around 2:00. We took Jacob with us while mom stayed with the other two kids for a while. The four of us went on the water ride. I really enjoyed the sights inside the mountain while in the boat. Then we went back to Jacob's mom and watched the 3:00 parade. Snow White spotted Adam and blew him a big kiss from her ride.

Jacob's mom wanted to go back to the condo. We agreed to keep Jacob with us since he and Adam wanted to stay together. To finish our visit we went on the Amazon River Ride, the Pirate Ship Ride, and the Aerial Skyway Ride. Plus we took Adam (and Jacob) on the Race Car Ride one more time. Adam said his favorite this time was the Skyway Ride.

We let Adam choose how to get back to the parking lot, by Monorail or Riverboat. He chose the boat.
One last view of the Magic Kingdom. It was a great time!

We had dinner in the Castle again. Adam sat with Jacob. I talked with a volunteer who works at the Orlando Science Center. He sounded like a dedicated amateur astronomer and was a nice guy.

This deserves a Pulitzer Prize, tell me more!

How did I make it this far, I'm outta here!