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Adam was accepted for another camp in August. This time the camp would be in Michigan, and only 250 miles away. Camp Quality is "A non-profit, volunteer organization providing camping and year round support for children with cancer". It was founded by Vera Entwistle in Australia. Camp Quality in Michigan is located just outside of Petoskey, on Walloon Lake. It is a gorgeous area.

Camp Quality is for the child who has cancer only. It is not for the rest of the family, unlike Camp Sunshine. However they have an excellent program, great facilities, and a fantastic group of volunteers. Adam would have two adult volunteers dedicated to taking good care of him. They would stay with him night and day. However, we were worried that Adam would be too young to stay in camp each night. I also was very concerned with maintaining his daily stretches, therapy, and electrical stim. Another concern was making sure his braces were put on properly each day. Because of this we decided to stay at a nearby motel for the week Adam would be in camp. Then we could come into camp twice a day to do these things.

I felt a little guilty about coming into camp each morning and afternoon to work with Adam, because I am sure lots of other parents would love to also pop in to see what their children were up to. But there was no way I was going to let someone else try and do any of Adam's therapy. I have spent a year learning how to do everything properly. Plus it takes lots of time to get a "feel" for what works with Adam. The camp had initially said I could show someone what to do. I knew that this would be impossible, It was not something that could be taught in even a few easy lessons. As a result Lori and I made our daily appearances. During the midday we would go out exploring the nearby scenic areas.

It ended up being a great week. The weather was nearly perfect every day. Adam's two companions (as the volunteers were called) were Bob and Aaron. They were fantastic. Adam loved them. We just can't thank them enough for the outstanding job they did with Adam each day and night. There were lots of activities to choose from each day. I'll let the pictures tell the story as we saw it:

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