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Wow! A month with not much to say.

Adam loves watching the Power Rangers. They are his favorite heroes. We tape each day's episode so he can watch it while lying down as I do his exercises. So, of course, he had to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. He chose the Magna Defender. Last year he was somewhat hesitant and shy about going to the door of each house for trick-or-treat. Not this year! He led the way to each house with his buddy Tyler. At each stop he would loudly proclaim "Trick-or-Treat". He had a great night.

After we had gone around our neighborhood we took a ride to Captain Ken's house to see if they were home. Captain Ken, Fran, and Annie were all there. They gave Adam a special treat for Halloween. Shortly after we arrived Chief Ahonen and his family showed up too! Adam had a wonderful time with his friends. We feel extremely fortunate to know such great people.
Halloween night.
Adam with his friends.
Chief Ahonen in the middle.
Daughters Katie in pink, Lauren in blue.
And their cousin Kevin.
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